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AdWords Editor 13.0

Manages the content of Google AdWords accounts
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Access the elements of large AdWords accounts in an offline mode and modify them for implementation upon connecting to the Internet. The utility works with multiple accounts and saves profiles with data changes such as replacing text, copying and moving items, undoing and redoing actions.

AdWords Editor is an application that helps people use the world's greatest search engine to their advantage when it comes to business. It works with AdWords, short advertising links that lead to a homepage when showing search results in Google. Those ads are very useful for finding an audience for your product, but they need to be created. This requires creating keywords to associate with the links. Here is where AdWords Editor is useful.

Once entering your Google account details, you can access a very simple interface letting you access various groups of ads and edit the keywords in any way you see fit. You can view status, copy or delete elements from sections and campaigns. You can add images to your adds, share ads, edit elements in bulk, decide on the level of detail you want for your ad, etc. You can influence URL and tailor the smallest details of how will your data be identified by Google.

AdWords Editor is a very powerful tool. It helps you set up the data, reach an audience and find new solutions on how to do it. It's stable and functional, with a very easy-to-use interface and fool-proof features.

James Lynch
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