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A program to easily design ads and publish them on the internet
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Adwords editor is a program for online advertising. It is a google application so it works with that search engine and the web.
It is designed for those who want to reach people interested in something related to their business. When a person enters google and searches for an item, on the right hand side of the screen a series of advertising links appear. They are very short and lead directly to a business home page. It is a good alternative to get to an audience searching for specific information and items.
To create this type of ads keywords must be selected. When doing so, every time a search containing those words begins, the ad will appear in the right hand side of the screen.
The editor to design these ads is very easy to use. First an account needs to be registered at google. It is a paid service. A budget needs to be arranged. Once that step is done, the keywords and ad group have to be set. This will place the ad on relevant queries.
When designing the ad, on the bottom right hand side there is a preview. There are also other alternatives, such as designing an add with an image, a local business add or even mobile ads. It is a simple program to use, but it is recommended to investigate before publishing, like with any other kind of publicity. The program is good to upload the ads and changes to it can be applied at any time in an easy way.

Juan Morán
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  • It shows a preview of the ad; it works fast; It can upload the ads


  • it only works with google; there may be many ads at the same time; ads are not very attractive
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